Vintage TV Restoration

and other fun projects

While I despise most TV programming I've always been fascinated by the technology. I fixed my first TV in the mid seventies. I'm still amazed that I didn't kill myself...

Philips TX400, the very first TV in The Netherlands (1951)

Clarville type 78, a French 819 line set (early fifties)

Philips TX500, the bigger brother of the TX400

Muiderkring Telemax, a DIY vintage TV (1954)

TODO: Philips K6 (1968) and K7 (1971). No restore, just a photo album. The K6 needs its CRT rejuvenated, the K7 is in mint condition!

Not exactly a TV, but since it involves a screen my EM34 emulator for Philips BX700A

Definitely not a TV but still fascinating is this Swedish high end tube preamp.

Also not a TV but my Grandma's radio is a must include.

A Danish work of art (?) Beomaster 1400M

FM IF Wobbulator for FM Tuner Project


Last update: 22 December 2015 (FM Tuner Project (IF Strip))