Telemax: Vintage DIY

In 1954, TV was hot and so was the radio hobby. People actually built things. Publisher Muiderkring used their publication Radio Bulletin (now defunct) to present a DIY design (in Dutch). The CRT is similar to my French Clarville. At the time, a project like this was a major undertaking. Most amateurs had only very little resources. Still, many people embarked on this trip.

I tried to scan the pages but they were wrinkled so I ended up putting my digicam on a tripod and photographing everything. Then using Irfanview I cut out the page after compensating the rotation, increased the contrast and brightness and decreased gamma.


Pagina 599

Pagina 600

Pagina 601

Pagina 602

Pagina 603

Pagina 604



6 March 2014