A Philips TX500

I got this set online from a inheritance. It had been lovingly restored, all capacitors were replaced with new Philips "mustard" types. It still needs some repair as the vertical hold does not work (no sync) and the video gain (IF strip) has an issue. It clips the video at higher gain settings.

The cabinet had been redone as well. The cover had been revarnished with rather good results. Only the speaker cloth has some serious damage. This is the main reason I don't like this set too much: who in his sane mind requires the whole front to be covered in cloth and then cut out a huge hole to accommodate the CRT? It's really one piece, a huge waste! Maybe there's a trick to join strips invisibly but I doubt it...

Edit 28 August 2014: Got new cloth (see here). The electronics still need some attention but there are too many other projects...

A New Recruit

New Speaker Cloth