The View is Stunning

From a vantage point at the Meelfabriek in Leiden, Netherlands the view is absolutely stunning. With my Pentax K200D, a Tamron 300mm zoom lens and Autostitch I created these panorama views. The weather on Saturday, 30 October 2010 rapidly improved so I hopped on the train to take the shots. Did experience some vertigo as there was no railing...

Some technical notes: all pano's are about 1k8 pixels high except the second which is 3735 pixels high. And 38k pixels wide... I had some trouble with Autostitch which refused to use the full 8GB of memory in my win7 box (64 bit). It would start to render but with total memory usage of 2.3GB it would "Out of memory" on me. Couldn't find a solution for that except presenting less data.

Another issue that I ran into was camera movement. I really have to use the 2 second self-timer trick. Even with a tripod pressing the shutter release causes a blurred image. Maybe a remote is also a good solution. The night shot were wide angle (70mm) with a medium aperture and 10 second exposure. Some dust on the sensor is visible, have to fix that with anti-dust spray can.

I also have to better overlap my shots. All too often Autostitch couldn't match up the images. An overlap of at about 30% seems optimal. Finally I have to bring more memory cards. The 4 gigs I had with me was just not enough...

And then we had a new opportunity!

Filesize: 7,088,037 bytes

Filesize: 18,808,933 bytes

Filesize: 832,355 bytes

Filesize: 3,990,089 bytes

Filesize: 4,679,478 bytes

Filesize: 2,791,085 bytes

Filesize: 2,211,324 bytes

Filesize: 2,810,594 bytes

Filesize: 3,326,128 bytes

Filesize: 1,606,594 bytes

Filesize: 1,350,372 bytes

Filesize: 1,873,077 bytes

Filesize: 1,732,252 bytes

Filesize: 2,102,164 bytes

Filesize: 4,827,203 bytes

Filesize: 2,043,479 bytes

Filesize: 2,056,054 bytes

Filesize: 2,808,456 bytes