Shower Timer

In order to save the environment, keeping the time under the shower as short as possible is a must. To aid in doing this, actually knowing time spent helps. Now I used to have a small radio with suction cups. The batteries for the radio were long since depleted but the clock still worked. Only the suction cups were not strong enough and the thing continually crashed down on the floor. Finally it broke beyond sensible repair.

Being left without a means to tell elapsed time I decided to rework the maglocktimer code to a straightforward timer. How hard could it be? As it turned out, it wasn't simple and I ran into many unforseen issues. Eventually I got the code running. By that time the hardware also was done. I found a quad 7-segment display in my junk box that was perfect. Plonked in some SMDs and presto:

The features were simple too: just a counter from 0:00 to 29:59. At 30 minutes display goes blank with only the colon illuminated, to save power. Which incidentally is a LiIon cell scavenged from a dud laptop battery. Now, all there's left is a transparent ABS boxie to make it more water resistent...


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Completed: 29 February 2016

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.